Undergraduate program
Undergraduate program

Department: Pharmacy
Minimum Credit Requirement: 172
Duration/Degree: 4 years, Bachelor of Science 

1.Program Objectives

Program objectives: In accordance with the concept of elite education and the solid foundation, wide scope, diversity teaching model, we aim at cultivating both research and applied-oriented young talents, who should be qualified with high comprehensive qualities, practice and innovation ability, will engage in the research, development, production and marketing of the drugs.


2. Requirements

The students should be qualified as followings:1. have a broad knowledge of natural science, humanities and social science, 2. be trained with scientific thinking and scientific experiments, 3. master a foreign language and computer basic operation skills,4.have the basic ability to obtain knowledge, raise a question, analyze and solve the problems independently, 5.have the spirit of pioneering and creativity, 6.have excellent cultural qualities and a certain ability to carry out interpersonal communication, international communication and fit in with the needs of similar disciplines. 


  1. Courses introduction

The courses of Pharmacy are divided into five modules: basic common courses, general education courses, disciplinary general courses, specialized courses and other teaching processes.


Basic Common Courses

Basic common courses include courses like ideological and political education, military theory, college English, computer, which are open to students from all disciplines. Students need to obtain 31 credits from 12 compulsory courses. Overseas students do not need to study ideological and political education, military theory and C programming design basis. They need to complete 13 credits in this module.

General Education Courses

General education courses include college Chinese, Introduction to pharmacy, Seminars, College Student Psychology, and 10 credits university-wide courses, these course aimed at improving students’ comprehensive quality. The main purposes of interdisciplinary basic course are to broaden students’ knowledge by extensive learning in the humanities, natural and social sciences and other fields, to enable students to master basic knowledge, principles and methodology in different disciplines, to cultivate students with dialectical thinking and scientific and cultural qualities, and to improve the overall quality of students. 


Disciplinary General Courses

Discipline general courses include compulsory courses and elective courses. The minimum requirement of compulsory courses in this module is 91 credits. Two credits are required for elective courses.


Specialized Courses

Specialized courses include compulsory courses and elective courses. Compulsory courses of this module are composed of 6 courses with 10 credits in total. Minimum elective credits are eight.

Other Teaching Processes

Other teaching processes include military training, herbs gathering practice, graduation internship and examination, social practice and innovative practice which are composed of 5 compulsory courses with 14 credits and two-credit elective courses.

Research  field

Drug Targets and Pharmacology

Find new and effective drug targets in the body, and explain the mechanism of drug action from molecule and gene expression level, which is the important theoretical approach for developing the new drugs currently.

Medicinal Chemistry and Information Science

Study the structure, activity and physiology metabolism process of the drug, utilize computer aided design and virtual screening for chemical modification in potential drug molecule. This is the modern technical method for developing new drugs.

Pharmaceutical Preparation and Translational medicine

Construct new drug transfer system and study the function in vitro and in vivo for producing drugs. We can establish a direct link between basic research and clinical care, to achieve the transformation by utilizing translational medicine. This is a new applied discipline.

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