Xuan Zhu,Ph.D.

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Xuan Zhu  Ph.D.



1998.8-2001.7  College of Pharmacy, Yanbian University, M.S.

2001.8-2005.8  College of Pharmaceutical Scienc,Seoul National University,  Ph.D.

2006.4-2012.7  School of Pharmaceutical Science, Xiamen University, Associate Prof.  

2012.8-present  School of Pharmaceutical Science, Xiamen University, Prof.


Our research interests are in the development of biodegradable  polymers for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications; nano-/micro- particles  for drug delivery; and adhesive preparation.

Over the past 7 years, We focused on the development of: 1) novel  biodegradable and biocompatible polymer drug carriers; 2) the nanotechnology  based targeted drug delivery system of antineoplastic; 3).the synthesis and the  molecular imaging evaluation of new nano-probe.

Permeability and quantity are the bottleneck problems for the ocular  drug delivery system which that transits cornea, conjunctiva and sclera. There  are several disadvantages of systemic drug delivery and local drug delivery by  ocular route, such as low penetrability, low bioavailability and inconvenient  usage. According to the special structure and microenvironment of eyes, our  study introduces the design concept which collects the quick dissolution, quick  solvation and adhesion, to increase the penetration and transit dose of  biodegradable polymer nanoparticles in cornea, conjunctiva and sclera etc, using  the quick dissolution and enforced adhesion of nanoparticles in tears, and  controlling the nanoparticles’ characters by adjusting all the effective  factors. By means of systemic study of the nanoparticles transition in eyes, we  hope to provide theoretical and experimental basis in treating the ocular  disease safely by ocular drug delivery system.


Hua Song, Ph.D. Associate Professor,

Shanghai University of T.C.M, China

Qing Chen assistant professor

Ph.D. China Pharmaceutical University,  China

Selected  Publications:last 5 years

Bo Sun*, Rui Liu Zhong-Dang Xiao, Xuan Zhu*. c-MET  Protects Breast Cancer Cell from Apoptosis Induced by Sodium Butyrate. Plos One.  2012. 7(1):e30143.

Hang Ruan, Zhen Zhang, Xin-fang Liang, Yan Fu,  Mei-qin Su, Qi-lin Liu, Xiu-min Wang, and Xuan Zhu*. Metabolism of  dl-Praeruptorin A in Rat Liver Microsomes using HPLC-Electrospray Ionization  Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Archives of Pharmacal Research.  2011.34(8):1311-1321.

Zhen Zhang, Yingying Liu, Meiqin Su, Xinfang Liang,  Wufang Wang, Xuan Zhu*. Pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and excretion  study of dl-praeruptorin A of peucedanum praeruptorum in rats by liquid  chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. Phytomedicine.  2011;18:527-532.

Hang Ruan, Zhen Zhang, Xuan Zhu*. Liquid  chromatography tandem mass spectrometry pharmacolinetic study of dl-praeruptorin  A in rat plasma. Biomedical Chromatography. 2010;24(11):1193-8.

Xuan Zhu*, Meiqin Su, Shaoheng  Tang, Lingsong Wang, Xinfang Liang, Feihong Meng, Ying Hong, Zhiran Xu  .Synthesis of thiolated chitosan and preparation nanoparticles with sodium  alginate for ocular drug delivery. Molecular Vision.  Molecular vision.2012;18:1973-1982.

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