Chimeng Tzeng,Ph.D.

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Chi-Meng Tzeng, Ph.D.



Dr. Tzeng received comprehensively  graduated training in National Tsin-Hua University (Nuclear Science School in  Radiation Biology,, advised by Dr. Rong-Long Pan, in 1989~1993) and Stanford  University (Medical School in Biochemistry, advised by Dr. Arthur Kornberg,  Nobel Prize Laureate, in 1995~1999). Moreover, he also expansively practiced  either academic professorship or industrial executive position from Academic  Sinica (Instit. of BioAgricultural Science), National Taiwan University Hospital  (Dept. of Biomedical Research), U-Vision Biotech, VitaGenomics/GeneCore, MaxyBio  to Beckman Coulter from 2000 to 2010.

Dr. Tzeng enjoys fully skills of  protein chemistry, biochemistry, -omics and translation medicine holding more  than 30 peer-reviewed SCI/IE scientific articles with cited frequency as 323  from 1995 to 2010, 3 book chapters, 4 pending patents and in excess of 6  commercialized diagnostic products. He is interesting in pooling biomedical  research, marketing analysis, financial manipulation and entrepreneur atmosphere  to generate biomedical outcomes of commercialization.


Recently, Dr. Tzeng is leading  clinical resources, academic force and bio-industrial energy to decipher the  biomarkers, molecular mechanism and personalized theranostics from projects of  adenocarcinoma (EGFR signaling pathways), leukemia (A/C-M/L-L fusion genes),  leukoaraiosis (LA, genetic diagnosis or prognosis), mesenchymal stem cell (mass  expansion) and aromatherapy (terpenoids and 5-HT) at Xiamen University and Torch  Hi-Tech Industrial Development zone.

Being a team player of translation  medicine, our laboratory strongly collaborates with industries: BioScent  Innovation(BSI) in molecular aromatherapy; VivaCell in MSCs expansions; RBC  Bioscience in total solution of genetic diagnosis, CYF Biotech in molecular  signature of Collocalia and its nest,etc., to benefit the integrated pipelines  from academics, society to industry.


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Selected  Publications:last 5 years

Xiao Nan Lv, Zhu Jun Liu, Huan Jing Zhang, Chi Meng  Tzeng*.Aromatherapyon Central Nerve  System (CNS): Therapeutic mechanism and its associated genes. Current Drug  Targets.2013,14. (In press. SCI  impact factor: 3.553 )

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Zhong-Xian Lv, Wen-Qing Huang, Liang-Liang Cai,  Chi-Meng Tzeng* Structure and function of protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2  (PTPN11) and its role in tumorigenesis. BBA-Reviews on cancer. (Revised. SCI  Impact factor :9.380)

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HL Zhang, L Ruan,LM Zheng, Daivid Whyte,CM Tzeng,XW  Zhou*. Association between class III β-tubulin expression and response to  paclitaxel/vinorbine-based chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer: A  meta-analysis.Lung cancer. 2012,77(1):9-15. (SCI impact factor: 3.6)

SK Chiu, JT Ma, MH, Hsieh, DL, Lu and CM Tzeng*. Unique Marker Finder Algorithm Generates Molecular  Diagnostic Markers. Int.J. Bioinformatics. 2011,7 (1): 24-42.

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