Tuanlao Wang,Ph.D.

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Wang  Tuanlao, Ph.D



Dr. Wang received his bachelor degree from Nanjing Agricultural  University, his master degree and Ph.D. degree from Xiamen University in China.  In 1999, He went to Singapore joined the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology  as a Research Fellow, In 2007, he was recruited toXiamen University as Professor of the school  of pharmaceutical sciences.

Research :

The membrane trafficking (or protein transport) pathway includes  exocytosis and endocytosis. The proteins synthesized on ribosomes associated  with the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) are transported via vesicle from ER to the  Golgi apparatus, then secreted out of the cell, or transported from the Golgi  apparatus to the endosome and lysosome for degradation. At the same time, cells  take-up nutrients via endocytosis, by which materials are internalized from cell  surface and transported to the endosome and lysosome or the Golgi apparatus. The  receptor-mediated endocytosis is also closely related to cellular signal  transduction, and this process regulates cell growth, proliferation, and death.  Many pathogens like viruses, bacteria invade cell also via endocytic or  phagocytic pathways.

Our lab’s researches focus on investigating the cellular and  molecular mechanisms governing membrane traffic in the secretory and endocytic  pathways and the roles of membrane trafficking in diseases, exploiting the novel  drug targets and biomarkers for diseases from membrane traffic  machineries.

Selected  Publications:last 5 years

Wang T*, Zhang M, Ma Z, Guo K, Tergaonkar V, Zeng Q,  Hong W*. A role of Rab7 in stabilizing EGFR-Her2 and in sustaining Akt survival  signal. J Cell Physiol. 227(6):2788-97 2012 (*corresponding authors)

Wang T, Ming Z, Xiaochun W, Hong W. Rab7: role of  its protein interaction cascades in endo-lysosomal traffic. Cell Signal.  23(3):516-21 2011

Wang T, Liu NS, Seet LF, Hong W. The emerging role  of VHS domain-containing Tom1, Tom1L1 and Tom1L2 in membrane trafficking.  Traffic. 11(9):1119-282010

LiChen,  Jingjie Hu, Ye Yun and Tuanlao Wang*. Rab36 regulates the spatial distribution  of late endosomes and lysosomes through a similar mechanism to Rab34. Mol.  Mem.Biol. 271):24-312010 (*corresponding author)

Zhang M, Chen L, Wang S, Wang T*. Rab7: Roles in  Membrane Traffic and Disease. Biosicence Report. 29(3):193-2092009 (*corresponding author)

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