Zhongxian LU,Ph.D.

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Lu Zhongxian, Ph.D

Executive Director of Key Lab of  Metabolic Disease, Xiamen City


Zhongxian Lu received his Ph.D degree in Physiology from China  Agricultural University, Beijing, China. He had postdoctoral training with Dr.  Yeguang Chen at University of California Riverside, USA, from 2000-2002. Then,  Dr. Lu moved to University of California Irvine and worked as a postdoctoral  fellow from 2002-2006, and later as an assistant project scientist at Dr. Bogi  Andersen’s Lab. In 2007, Dr. Lu was employed as a professor in Institute for  Biomedical Research & School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Xiamen University,  China.

Research  Interests:

The novel molecular therapeutic target is hope for some complex  diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. Our research focuses on the  identification of original molecular therapeutic targets by discovering the  regulation of important proteins (such as Shp2, Gab2, AGR2) on the metabolic  disease, cancer, reproductive system diseases with transgenic animal model and  disease animal model. We also screen and develop potential new drugs against  these targets from nature product and chemical molecule.

Awards and  Honors:

2012.4, “Qingyuan” Research and Teaching Award from  Xiamen University,

2011.6, New Century Excellent Talents in Fujian  Province from Education Department of Fujian Province

2004.4, Postdoctoral fellowship award from  Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program (BRCP).


Wenjie Liu Assistant Professor,

Ph.D. China Agricultural University,  China

Selected  Publications:last 5 years

Yingpu Tian, Baozhen Chen, Pengfei Guan, Yujia Kang  and Zhongxian Lu*. A prognosis classifier for breast cancer based on conserved  gene regulation between mammary gland development and tumorigenesis: a  multiscale statistical model. Plos One, 2013; 8(4):e60131. doi: 10.1371  journal.pone.0060131. Epub 2013 Apr 2

Jie  Wu, Chi  Wang, Xilan  Li, Yanling  Song, Wei  Wang, Cong  Li, Jia  Hu, Zhi  Zhu, Jiuxing  Li,Weiyun  Zhang, Zhongxian  Lu* and Chaoyong  James Yang*. Identification, Characterization and Application of  aG-Quadruplex Structured DNA Aptamer  against Cancer Biomarker Protein Anterior Gradient Homolog 2. Plos One, 2012,  7(9):e46393. doi: 10.1371

Dongping Liu#, Guiping Kong#, QuanCheng Chen, Guanghui Wang, Jie Li, Yang Xu, Ting lin, Yingpu Tian,  Xiaokun Zhang, Xinsheng Yao, Gensheng Feng, Zhongxian Lu* and Haifeng Chen*.  Fatty acids as natural specific inhibitors of the  proto-oncogenic protein Shp2. Bioorganic & Medicinal  Chemistry Letters , 20116833-6837.

Jia Hu, Jie Wu, Cong Li, Ling Zhu, Weiyun Zhang,  Guiping KongZhongxian Lu*, Chaoyong Yang*. A G-aquadruplex aptamer  inhibits the phosphatase activity of oncogenic protein shp2.  Chembiochem, 2011, 12(3):424-30.

Yanyan Bu , Tao Shi , Minghui Meng , Guiping Kong,  Yingpu Tian ,Quancheng Chen, Gensheng Feng, Xinsheng Yao, Haifeng Chen* and  Zhongxian Lu*. A novel screening model for molecular drug for diabetes and  obesity based on the tyrosine phosphatase Shp2. Bioorganic & Medicinal  Chemistry Letters 201121(2): 874-878

Yingpu Tian, Ning Wang and Zhongxian Lu*. Repression  of Lmo4 activated transcription inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis of  normal mammary epithelial cells and breast cancer cells. Clinical &  Experimental Metastasis 2010277):455-463

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