Xiaokun Zhang,Ph.D.

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Xiao-kun Zhang,  Ph.D.

Professor,  Dean


Dr. Zhang received his bachelor  degree from Xiamen University in China and earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from  the University of Vermont in the United States. He spent three years as a  postdoctoral fellow at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute prior to his  appointment to the faculty in 1992, and currently he is the professor at the  cancer center of Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. In 2006, he was  recruited to Xiamen University as Dean of the school of pharmaceutical science.  He was awarded as “Cheung Kong Scholar Lecture Professor” and was elected to the  “National Thousand Talents Program”. Dr. Zhang has published more than 100  papers in prestigious journals such asScience,NatureandCell, and holds more than ten U.S.  patents.


Dr. Zhang studies the  chemopreventive and therapeutic effects of Vitamin A and its synthetic analogs  in various cancers and other diseases. He discovered a new vitamin A signaling  pathway through RXR protein complexes. An agent that modulates RXR activities  has been approved by the FDA for treating lymphoma patients and is now in phase  III clinical trial for lung cancer. Dr. Zhang also found that a gene that binds  Vitamin A (called RARb) acts as a tumor suppressor. His group recently  discovered a new paradigm for destroying cancer cells using a protein called  TR3, or Nur77. TR3 is often present at high levels in cancer cells to promote  their growth in the nucleus. Dr. Zhang recently showed that he is able to move  TR3 from the nucleus to the mitochondria. In mitochondria, TR3 binds to Bcl-2, a  protein that maintains tumor growth. The binding converts Bcl-2 from a tumor  protector to a tumor destroyer. He also defined the oncogenic function of a  truncated RXRa (tRXRa), which is specifically expressed in cancer cells and  promotes cancer cell growth by activation of PI3K. Based on that, he developed a  lead compound which targets tRXRa and inhibits tumor growth. Dr. Zhang's  laboratory is now exploring the possibility of treating cancer patients using a  class of specific agents that induce TR3 migration and modulate  tRXRa.


Daxiong  HanAssociateprofessor

Ph. DXiamen University,  China

Guanghui  Wangassistant professor

Ph. DShenyang Pharmaceutical University,  China

Yang  Xuassistant  professor

Ph. D  TheUniversityof Hong kong

Quancheng  Chenassistant  professor

Ph. DChungnam National University,  Korea

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